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Hi, I'm Willy.  Welcome to my store.  My helpers and I design wonderful, unique reward charts.  You won't find an ordinary grid here!  But you will find ways to help your kids get organized and make your life easier, too.  How?
       Our reward charts:    
         -  Teach responsibility
         -  Build independence
         -  Boost self-esteem
         -  Improve organizational skills
    -  Keep kids on track
    -  Motivate and reward
    -  Encourage healthy choices
    -  Stop
you from nagging
    -  Help kids stay focused
    -  Also benefit kids with ADD
       and other Special Needs

We have grouped our reward charts into 3 main categories. 
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              kids chore charts

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                        Behaviors & Chores

Toilet Training

Pet Responsibilities

Kids, Moms, Dads, Teachers, Caregivers and Home Schoolers love our friendly, colorful reward charts.
Why?  Because they are totally awesome and unique!


Why are our reward charts so unique?          Our reward charts are:
We know that kids can get overwhelmed or bored when they look at a typical chart.   So we designed our reward charts with special segmented grids that break up the day or tasks into smaller parts.
Our reward charts have friendly, fun characters that appeal to kids.
Our bold, colorful graphics are attention grabbers that keep kids focused longer.
We designed our charts for all children, including those with developmental delays and other learning challenges.
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Vibrant and colorful
  • Laminated for sturdiness with rounded "safety" corners
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use again and again
  • Write and wipe
  • Top quality -- a cut above all others
  • Loved by kids and grown-ups
Don't forget:
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 Look below for a quick review of what's in each category:

In our child behavior and chore chart section you will find information on issues such as child nutrition, and childhood obesity, child behavior, study skills, child responsibility, daily routines, organization, and more.  Some of our simple tools for dealing with these issues include chore charts, responsibility charts, a homework helper, child organization and daily routine charts, a behavior chart to promote better behavior and a child nutrition chart.

In our toilet training section we have a potty chart selection that you and your toddler will love.   Each potty chart is effective and fun to use.  Plus we offer tips on potty training toddler.

Our pet responsibilities section focuses on that special bond between animal and kids.  Each job chart encourages love, respect and pet care for kids with dogs, cats or any pets. 

Additionally, we have wonderful information on single parenting, along with interesting parenting tips.

So, come on in and see what we have to offer.


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