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My Behaving Better Chart
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This behavior chart encourages kids to improve their behavior at home and away from home.

Parents and kids can decide on up to 10 behaviors that need to be worked on.  Each day kids can check-off whether they’ve done a good job or need improvement for each behavior.

Specific behaviors can change, week to week, on our behavior charts.  What’s important is that kids get to track their performance, see their improvement and feel great about themselves—all tallied up on our happy gauge at the bottom of this chart.

Parents feel great, too, because behaviors improve with less supervision and less nagging with this fun-to-use child chart.

If you have a child who is of preschool or elementary school age and is showing signs of poor attitude and bad child behavior in general, you are likely looking for an effective way to put an end to bad child behavior—a way that is both simple and inexpensive.

One of the most cost effective and easy ways to turn bad child behavior into good child behavior is by using behavior charts, specifically a child chart that allows for behavior improvement.  While childcare professionals agree that whining, fussing, tantrums, hitting, back talk, etc. are fairly normal examples of child behavior in all young children from time to time, they also warn that if left unchecked, these bad behaviors may be warning signs of more serious child behavior problems in later years.

But, before you purchase an expensive child behavior program that may take weeks to learn and implement, and before you run your young child to a Psychologist every week, simpler methods should be introduced and tried.  The child chart or behavior chart is the obvious tool of choice, prior to investing in other options.

Our child behavior chart, titled “My Behaving Better Chart”, is a wonderfully easy-to-use child behavior management tool for changing bad child behavior into good child behavior or what we would consider to be acceptable and appropriate behaviors, depending on the child’s age.  When behavior charts are used consistently, they give the child a feeling of self-worth and boost child self esteem.

Our behavior chart is boldly colorful, immediately attracting the child and arousing curiosity.  We have designed this specific child chart, using fun, friendly characters that kids identify and feel comfortable with.  Instead of a boring grid of intersecting lines, we purposely designed our behavior charts with segmented grids.  These special grids cut the child behavior tasks on the behavior chart into two categories:  When I’m Home and When I’m Not at Home.  Our purpose in using a segmented grid with no more than five behaviors each, is to not bore, overwhelm or confuse the child.  What could be more of a “turn-off” to a school-aged child than having to stare at a bunch of vertical and horizontal lines, while tracking behavior improvement on a child chart?

What’s more, most children exhibit different behaviors when at home and when out of the house.  This is a good thing in most cases, and we often refer to the better “not at home” child behaviors as “manners”.

But when a child’s bad behaviors occur both at home and away from home, we often say that the child has no manners.  This is the child for whom our child chart or behavior chart is a must.  With My Behaving Better Chart, good behavior skills should be worked on whether at home or away, for optimal results, and as a way to boost child self esteem.

Unlike our other behavior charts, which are 100% positive reinforcement, My Behaving Better Chart lets the child decide (along with parental intervention) if a particular behavior has improved or still needs work.  This visual feedback is very important.  When the child checks-off “oops” for a behavior skill on the behavior chart, he/she immediately sees that improvement is needed.  After a week, both parent and child should assess the behavior chart and see where improvements need to be made.

When children work on a child chart, like any of our behavior charts, and can see their progress, it not only boosts child self esteem but the improvements impact the entire family as well as the general household mood.


We used the My Behaving Better Chart and Responsibilities behavior chart with Larry who is 6 years old and needed some behavior changing at home.  He loved the characters on his behavior chart so much that he pretended that he was the little boy on the chart and that his older sister was the little girl.  Not only did Larry completely improve three bad behaviors the very first week, but he began to act more kindly towards his sister!  This chart was a real child self esteem booster, and, guess who is now helping around the house?                E. Morgan   Montgomery, Alabama

 My husband bought several Self Help books on Parenting because we were at our wit’s end.  After reading them, we still did not know what exactly to do about our twins’ rude behavior and bad attitude towards us and their teachers.  The school counselor suggested that we see a child Psychologist.  But, that was too expensive.  We found this wonderful website full of chore charts and purchased behavior charts and the Daily Routines charts.  That did the trick!  Heather and Zoe are making great strides at home and at school.  Even their teachers say that their behavior and organizational skills have improved thanks to the behavior charts.                                                              F. Simmons   Saratoga, Florida

Our Steven was constantly fussing and whining about everything we asked him to do.  We thought he was just lazy, but his teacher said that he was mean to the other kids in his class and needed help with his school-work, too.  We got him the child behavior chart—My Behaving Better Chart—and the homework helper chart.  He immediately fussed, of course.  But, once he saw the cute kids on the behavior charts, he was ready and willing.  We are still working on handing in homework on time, but Steven’s behavior has improved tremendously thanks to the cute behavior charts.          R. Bryant    Cleveland, Ohio

Our behavior charts and all of our chore charts are known for their simplicity, ease of use and excellent quality.  They boost child self esteem and are superior in quality.

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