Wonderful Willy Chore Charts

Chore Charts for Behaviors, Chores and Routines

Our 7 chore charts:
            - Promote good behavior
            - Teach responsibility
Build independence
Boost self-esteem
    -  Keep kids on track
Motivate and reward
    -  Encourage healthy choices
    -  Help kids stay focused
    - Improve organizational skills
Also benefit kids with ADD
       and other Special Needs 
Minimum order: any 2 Charts. 
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chore chart or task chart for young children
homework helper and study skills
Homework & Study
behavior charts for kids
This chore chart is for the younger set.  Kids get a kick out of the funny, friendly animals, each doing a different chore.  Less chores are listed in these chore charts with less days for tracking because little kids have short attention spans.  Kids complete the smiley face for success in each category.
Encourage good homework, study skills and habits with these chore charts.  5 write-in subject areas let kids track homework assignments, handing them in and studying.   Kids check off how well they do in each subject, and get to rate themselves, overall, on a weekly basis.
Our behavior charts are "must have" chore charts.  They list and track kids' behaviors that need improvement at home and when away.  Like all of our chore charts, our behavior charts are positive, but these chore charts have a special twist -- a little "oops" box for behaviors that need improvement.
task chart for morning and night routines
Morning & Night-Time
child nutrition task chart
Good Child Nutrition
Stop Obesity, NOW !
responsibility chart for kids
Sometimes children are not sure what is expected of them after they get up and before they go to sleep.  Whether hygiene or task related, once the activities are listed on these bright chore charts, kids know exactly what to do, and nagging becomes less.  It's one of our most effective chore charts.
Stop childhood obesity with good child nutrition. The 5 color-coded food groups conform to the Food Pyramid.  These unique chore charts let kids track what they have for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and quickly show unbalanced diets and encourage wise food choices.  A great teaching tool!
This organizational chart teaches kids to assume more responsibility for themselves, their belongings and being a good citizen by helping around the house.  Specific tasks can change on these chore charts week to week.  Like our other chore charts, kids get to reward themselves and feel great!

       daily chart for kids
       Daily Routine

Perfect chore charts for kids who need to have their days broken up into smaller parts, with only a few routine-type tasks assigned to each. This daily chart makes getting chores or tasks done so much easier and less overwhelming.  All of our chore charts are very effective for kids with attention deficits.


  Our chore charts are:
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Vibrant and colorful
  • Laminated for sturdiness with rounded "safety" corners
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use again and again
  • Write and wipe
  • Top quality, a cut above the rest
  • Loved by kids and grown-ups
Directions for each task chart are included on the back. 

Each of our chore charts comes with a full color responsibility contract for kids to sign.  The contract is your child's promise/agreement to use the chart and complete the tasks.

contract for chore charts
 Responsibility Contract

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