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My Daily Routine Chart

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This daily chart is a routines-type chart that helps children to organize their day.  A perfect organizational chart, it breaks the day into smaller parts and makes getting jobs done much easier.  With this daily chart, kids are less overwhelmed when they see fewer tasks to accomplish.

As with most of our chore charts, kids check-off the blocks on this organizational chart for each task that they complete, and mark the week’s overall performance on our bright gauge, thus reducing the need for parental intervention.

We take Mom and Dad out of the middle and let kids enjoy the super feeling of accomplishment.

Sometimes children do not know what is expected of them by Mom, Dad, Teachers and others during the day.  It’s easy for youngsters to get confused as to what to do and when to do it.  That’s why a daily chart such as My Daily Routine Chart serves as the perfect organizational tool for guiding kids on daily tasks.

The My Daily Routine Chore Chart breaks up the day into three typical short segments, which makes it much more easy for children to organize and follow the routines during the day.  The three segments in the daily chart are:  In the Mornings, After School and In the Evenings.

With this simple daily chart on hand, appropriate tasks are suggested and decided on by parents or caregivers, and children.  Once the morning, afternoon and evening activities are discussed, children can easily determine which routines or tasks occur at which times of the day.  Then, children (with guidance) list those tasks that belong in each of the three sections on the daily chart.  This chart is designed to put an end to any confusion about expectations of routine tasks and when they are to be completed.

After the child’s organizational chart becomes a familiar tool, kids simply draw a check-mark next to each corresponding task’s block when that task is completed in the proper section of the day.

When the week is over, parents or caregivers and children should look at the chart together and decide if tasks or chores were completed in the expected order and in the appropriate section of the day.  This organizational chart has a neat gauge where kids get to rate themselves.  If everything looks good, then the chart served its purpose for that week and kids should feel great about their accomplishments.

A few more weeks of practice should be planned.  Parents should not be too hasty to erase those tasks and replace them with new ones.  After all, practice makes perfect and consistency is the key.  But what if the child is still having problems and does things out of order?  The answer is to praise your child for trying and continue with the very same tasks in the very same sections on the chart.  This scenario presents a perfect situation for bonding.  Discussion on how to improve will make all involved feel appreciated.

Remember, most organizational charts are geared towards parents and professionals.  And, they may be complicated and take “getting used to”.  While we tried to create an easy-to-use, uncomplicated daily chart just for kids, there is always a learning curve—especially when it comes to children learning how to follow routines.

When we developed this special organizational chart for kids, we wanted to not only break up the day into smaller segments, but use thoughtful simplicity to allow for kids to make some mistakes but eventually “get it right”.  When kids “get it right”, even after two or three tries, they feel good about themselves.  Eventually, they learn to use the daily chart as a guide and are able to easily know what happens “when”.  This chart is most useful when it helps to develop needed organizational skills, rather than speed in carrying them out.

Our other organizational chart, the “My Morning and Night-Time Chart” breaks up the day into two longer segments for children to follow and perhaps could be implemented once children master the “My Daily Routine Chart”, although one chart does not necessarily precede the other.  The two longer segments on the morning and night-time organizational chart are: "After I Get Up" and "Before I Go To Bed".  With either organizational chart, following sequences within the segments will help kids organize their ‘time” and their “day”.

Let’s talk about kids with special needs such as ADD/ADHD and other intellectual challenges.  For this group of children, learning to sequence is usually a major problem.  That’s where our daily charts come into play.  What could be more useful than a fun daily chart with cute, friendly characters that also serves as an organizational chart for kids who need sequencing help?  It’s a perfect match.  We already know that kids with attention deficits who are easily distracted, perform quite well on our daily charts because the chore charts are simple, fun and attractive.  They hold a child’s attention and keep a child on task.  The result is that the frustration levels are less and goals are reached more quickly with our bright, friendly organizational charts.

Additionally, we know that kids with special needs are not going to pay attention or stay on task with a daily chart that has intersecting, boring lines as a grid.  If a child is not attracted to an organizational chart, he is not going to use it.

Both our Daily Routine and Morning and Night-Time Routine chore charts are appropriate for all kids as well as those who have developmental delays and other special needs.  In using organizational charts, all children must first be attracted to the charts and then be motivated to use them.  Our feedback tells us that our daily charts are not only well accepted, but requested by kids, their families and childcare professionals.

Our organizational charts are applauded for their fun characters, bright attractive colors and simple, divided grids.  Our daily charts are sturdy to the feel, made of non-toxic material and are of fine quality.

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