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Our responsibilities chart is a job chart that teaches kids to take responsibility for themselves, their belongings, to help around the house and ultimately be good citizens.  The phrases, responsibility chart and job chart, can be used interchangeably and basically represent the same concept.

Specific tasks can change week to week on our responsibility chart.  What’s important about this kind of a job chart is that kids get to track their performance, see their improvement and feel wonderful about themselves—all summed up on our fun-to-use gauge.  All in all, this unique responsibility chart is a job chart and a reward chart rolled into one, plus it can be used effectively as a child schedule.

Parents feel great, too, because jobs on our responsibility chart get done with less supervision and less nagging.  And, while this job chart serves both as a child schedule and a great way for kids to feel wonderful when tasks are completed, don’t forget the reward aspect.  We encourage parents to offer some sort of a reward when children use their responsibility chart successfully towards the accomplishment of the decided on goals.

Having a reward chart simply means that for each goal, job or task completed, a reward is given.  The rewards for a reward chart should always be whatever is meaningful for the child.

Rewards never need to be elaborate when using a job chart.  A hug and a few words of praise are often just as appreciated as a tangible reward, such as an increase in allowance or a special treat.

Parents ask:  How do I know if my child needs a responsibility chart?  She’s so young.

Experts say that many of the problems in our society today are the direct result of "accountability”.

What this means is that the very role models we are supposed to trust the most, may have never learned to take responsibility for their actions as children.  Therefore, they grew up thinking that whatever mistakes they made were “someone else’s” fault or problem.

The best way to avoid that kind of immature and irresponsible thinking is to start “responsibility” training at a young age, using a simple responsibility chart or job chart that suits you and your child’s needs.  And, you can also use this job chart as a great child schedule and reward chart.

Think of your child’s future if he or she:  never had to make a bed, put away toys, clean a room, choose the next day’s outfit, set a table, take out the garbage, or be helpful in general.  You may end up with a very spoiled, self-centered youngster who can’t do anything for himself/herself and thinks the world owes him or her a favor!

Not only is this attitude unattractive to siblings and peers, but teachers, supervisors and employers will not put up with it.

Therefore, we feel that putting your child on a fun-to-use responsibility chart or easy job chart will do much to ensure success in life.

We have divided our responsibility chart into three simple-to-use segments that kids love to work with:  How I take care of Me, My Stuff and Help at Home.

The “Help at Home” can be called the job chart area and may be the very place to introduce simple jobs that children should be able to do.

Talk with your child about each titled segment.  Together, you and your child fill in the spaces of this unique reward chart according to the needs of both.

Parents ask:  Is this responsibility chart also a child schedule chart?

Essentially, this job chart or responsibility chart can serve as a child schedule chart, too.  It actually puts your child on a daily and weekly schedule.  A simple glance at the chart, once understood, lets your child know what is expected of him/her during the day.  It serves as a reminder and we have taken steps to keep it simple.

Kids will love this child schedule chart because it will soon make them feel as if “they” have accomplished things on their own without your nagging or getting in the middle.  As a reward chart, one of the best rewards you can give your child is to allow him or her to have the feeling of accomplishment.

Once the responsibility chart is ready to be used, the only time parents need to get involved (should your child forget) is to say only:  “Go and get your chart”—instead of mentioning each separate job or task.

Remember:  A responsibility chart is a healthy way to encourage responsibility and discourage an “I don’t care” or “do it for me” attitude.  We all have our jobs to do in life.  Putting your child on a job chart and using it as a child schedule will absolutely benefit your child as he or she matures.

And, as your child accomplishes the tasks or jobs that you’ve both agreed upon, remember to also use this wonderful tool as a reward chart.  Your child will get a self-reward from the job chart and the gauge we have included as a measurement tool.  Therefore, parents or caregivers should use this responsibility chart as a reward chart, too.  Make sure that any rewards you provide are appropriate for your child’s age or stage.  Don’t go overboard or your child will expect you to outdo each reward with the following reward.  As we suggested, intangible rewards are just as appreciated and may actually be more valued by your child.

To sum up:  Our responsibility charts are both a job chart and a reward chart that teaches kids to take responsibility for themselves, their belongings and to help around the house.  This child schedule tool, as with all of our chore charts, has wonderful, comfy graphics, very bright colors and grids that divide the day up into smaller sections that are easier to work with.     -- written by one of Willy's educational helpers

Our charts are made in the USA of the best paper and plastic combinations, so that they endure throughout the learning experience or training, and longer.

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